ON LEARNING DANCE IN 2020: A Series of Personal Reflections by SWBC Students, PART 3

Written by Harleen (who will be commencing Grade 3 this January), below is her reflection and sharing of what dancing from home and learning dance online has been for her.

Initially online dance lessons were frustrating for both teachers and students, but surprisingly we overcame the technical and social challenges. Our lessons then became enjoyable and productive. 

I have realised that apart from having a stable WiFi connection and plenty of empty space around the screen I have to be focussed and extremely patient to learn through live online classes. Moreover travel time to and fro from the ballet centre is saved. My parents watched me dance and were very impressed that I successfully completed my Grade 2 ballet exam online. 

Despite online lessons not being ideal they were a source of excitement during the lonely days of COVID 19.

Although now I am comfortable taking online lessons I am really looking forward to going to my dance school in January and meeting up with all my friends and teachers, prepare for our concert and hope to be able to work on my footwork the next semester.

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